Електрически маслен радиатор SENCOR SOH 3309BK

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Електрически маслен радиатор SENCOR SOH 3309BK
Electric Oil Filled Radiator
9 Heating Fins
Power Input: 2 000 W
Overheating Protection
Safety Tip-Over Switch
Anti-Freeze Function
Two Switches and Change into 3 Heat Settings:
- 800 W
- 1 200 W
- 2 000 W
Maintenance-Free Operation - It Is not Necessary to Replace Oil for Entire Lifetime of Radiator
Silent Operation - Also Suitable for Bedrooms
4 Travel Wheels and Handle for Easy Handling
Practical Storage Space for Winding up Power Cord
Patented Slot Fin Ensures better Efficiency and lower Edge Temperature
Patented Technology of Tail Fin Separation Prevents Overheating
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца