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Магнитна стойка за телефон YENKEE YSM 501MG за автомобил

Цена: 2199лв.
360° поставка
Магнитна стойка за телефон за автомобил
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца
Добави в желани
360° rotation and adjustable angle for optimal screen view
Designed for reliable attachment to car air vent grid
To ensure safe and stable fixation to any grid thicknes you can adjust its grip force pressure by using two-position lever
The holder with a built-in magnets for powerful and safe fixation of your device
The polarity of magnets is harmonised in order to avoid any affect on an attached device functionality
Premium materials ensures protection your phone and air vents from scratches or damages
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца

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