Уред за бавно готвене SENCOR SPR 5500SS

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Уред за бавно готвене SENCOR SPR 5500SS
Slow Cooker
Cooking bowl
- 6 L comfortably servers whole family
- Non-Stick coating technology with PFOA free coating
- 3mm thick aluminium wall
- Can be put into fridge
- Can be washed in dishwasher
5 Pre-set Browning Settings for sealing in the flavour and caramelising ingredients
- Gentle 100 °C
- Low 120 °C
- Medium 150 °C
- Sauté 170 °C
- High Sear 180 °C
4 Preset Cooking Functions
Low Slow Cook 6-14 hours
High Slow Cook 2-8 hours
Steam 5-120 mins
Yoghurt 6-12 hours
Set <(>&<)> Forget Countdown timer for maximum comfort during cooking allows you to set temperature and time
Digital LED Control display for the most comfortable cooking
Dual Lid Lock System ensures that maximum flavour is kept with the food and helps keeping steady temperature inside the
cooking pot
Keep Warm Function automatically keeps your food at ideal temperature after cooking process is finished
Large Stainless Steel Steamer for steaming fish, dumplings or vegetables
Steamer is made from premium 304 Stainless Steel for long-term durability and rust resistance
Cool-touch handles prevent any burns and allow you to manipulate with the pot while hot without the need of use protective
Lid made from toughen glass for long life durability
Perfect lid sealing helps keeping steady temperature
Elegant stainless steel design fits to any kitchen
Great for cooking soup, goulash, jam, lamb, stew, beef, vegetables, eggs etc
is new way of cooking that saves all the flavours
does no require oil
saves time and money
lets you steam, cook, fry and prepare great stew
lets you prepare delicious food even from cheaper cuts of meat
prevents any burns of food as it does not require high cooking temperatures when the food starts to burn
reduces water consumption thanks to cooking all in one pot
7 reasons for slowcooking
- Simplicity – simply put all the ingredients in the pot and let it do the work.
- Energy and water saving – thanks to special construction and aluminium pot the heat transfer is more effective to traditional
ceramic pots which saves you energy
- Time saving – one you put all the ingredients in the pot you can let it cook alone
- Strong flavours and no vitamin loss – thanks to slow and low temperature cooking you save both flavours and vitamins
compared to traditional cooking
- Juicy meat – slow cooking keeps sauce inside the meat instead of outside
- Possibility of cooking tough meats – traditional tough meats are delicious with slow cooking
- Fat free cooking – thanks to low temperatures you do not need to use oil and therefore make lighter dishes that are even
Content of the box: Slow cooker with 3mm aluminium bowl, Stainless Steel Steamer
Power output: 1,350 W
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца