Електрическа тенджера под налягане SENCOR SPR 3600WH

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    24 месеца
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Електрическа тенджера под налягане
Electric Pressure Cooker
Cooking in high pressure
- speeds up the cooking process by more than half
- let’s you cook legumes (beans, chick piece etc.) without previous soaking
- allows you to cook delicious meals with difficult meats
- saves the flavor of the cooking meal
- saves energy needed for cooking
- allows you to prepare healthier meals
Inner bowl
- volume 5.5L enables cooking for whole family at one time
- nonstick surface pro maximum cooking comfort
- suitable for serving the food at family dinner
Three levels of pressure Light / Medium / High for any flavor and texture preference
Multi-safe system with valve locks while cooking ensuring maximum safety white cooking even with high pressure
Easy knob operation lets you control the cooker even with wet hands
14 preset programs
Dimensions: 351 x 351 x 35,50 mm

Power: 1 000 W

Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца

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