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Кафемашина SENCOR SCE 3700BK

Цена: 6999лв.
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца
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Ideal for Brewing 6 Cups of Coffee at Once
0.75 Litre Water Tank
Glass Kettle (0.75 l) With A Practical Closable Lid
Heat Insulated Kettle Handle
Removable Permanent Washable Filter
Option to Use Disposable Paper Filters (Size 4)
Non-Stick Hotplate for Maintaining Optimal Serving Temperature
Drip-Stop Lock Valve Immediately Stopping the Beverage From Dripping When the Kettle is Removed
Water Level Mark on the Tank and Kettle Indicating Number of Cups
Tea Brewing Option
Easy to Clean
Main Switch with Power Indicator Light
Anti-Slip Feet
Overheating Protection
Power Input 700 W
Power Cord Length: 0.8 m
Dimensions (L × W × H): 210 × 195 × 265 mm
Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца

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