Стъклена електрическа кана SENCOR SWK 2192BL

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    24 месеца
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Стъклена електрическа кана SENCOR
Variable Temperature Electric Kettle
Volume 2.0 l
Maintain temperature for 30 minutes function
Power Input: 2 200 W
Water Temperature Settings: 50-70-80-90-100 °C
Two operating modes:
- Heat water to 100 °C
- Heat water to a selected temperature (50-70-80-90-100 °C) and maintain this temperature
Reached set temperature sound
Dirt and limescale filter
Double-sided water level mark
Power cord storage in the base
Internal LED light with a variable colour backlight indicating:
- Green when temperature is set to 50°C
- Blue when temperature is set to 70°C
- Violet when temperature is set to 80°C
- Orange when temperature is set to 90°C
Suitable also for hearing impaired users (indicator light for operation)
Stainless steel heating base with a covered heating spiral
Lid easily opened by pressing a button
Triple safety system:
- Protection Against Overheating When Turned On Without Water
- Automatic Shut-Off When Removed from the Base
- Automatic Shut-Off When Boiling Point is Reached
Central 360 ° STRIX connector
Weight without the base: 930 g
Voltage and frequency: 220 – 240 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца