Машинка за подстригване SENCOR SHP 7411BK

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Машинка за подстригване SENCOR SHP 7411BK
Men’s Electric Clipper Set
Power source mains/battery
Micro USB Charging Enabling Recharging Anywhere in the World
Titanium Nitride Blades
Ultra Quiet High-Speed Motor
12 Changeable attachments
- Nose Trimmer
- Body Shaver
- Facial Shaver
- Design Trimmer
- Precision Trimmer
- Full Size Trimmer
- 3mm Trimmer
- 6mm Trimmer
- 9mm Trimmer
- 12mm Trimmer
- Facial Hair Height Regulation
- Body Hair Height Regulation
Ergonomic handle preventing slipping in the hand
Battery operating time 2 hours
Fast Charge Technology Provides Full Charged Up in only 2 hours
Blade width 6 / 26 / 34mm
ON/OFF switch (on/off)
Option to trim without the comb attachment
Graphic cutting length indicator
LED charging indicator
Integrated Li-Ion Battery
Supplied accessories: Practical Stand, Comb, Nose Hair Trimmer, Body Hair Shaver, Facial Hair Shaver, Design Hair Trimmer,
Standard Hair Trimmer, Large Hair Trimmer, 3mm Hair Trimmer, 6mm Hair Trimmer, 9mm Hair Trimmer, 12mm Hair Trimmer,
Facial Hair Height Regulation, Body Hair Height Regulation, Oil
Length of the Power Cord: 180cm
Weight: 99g
Dimensions (height × depth × width): 155 × 39 × 35mm
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца

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