Вентилатор SENCOR SFN 4060WH

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    24 месеца
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Вентилатор SENCOR SFN 4060WH
2-in-1 Pedestal Cooling Fan
2-in-1 Functions:
- Pedestal Cooling Fan
- Table/Sofa Adjacent Fan
High Quality Design
Fan Blade Diameter of 40 cm
Adjustable Height 130 cm, 96 cm
Unique Fan Blade Design for Silent Operation and Maximum Power
Front and Rear Protective Metal Grill
3 Speed Levels
Automatic Horizontal 80° Oscillation with Turn off Option
Adjustable Tilt Angle
Overheating Protection
Rotary Switch on the Motor Cover
Solid Base provides the Fan with a High Stability
Power Input 50 W
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца