Електрически маслен радиатор SENCOR SOH 8112WH

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    24 месеца
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Електрически маслен радиатор SENCOR SOH 8112WH
Electric Oil Filled Radiator
12 Heating Fins
Power Input: 2 500 W
3 Heat Settings – 3 Heat Power Levels
- 1 000 W
- 1 500 W
- 2 500 W
Temperature Setting Range: 5-35°C
ECO Mode
LED Display
Remote Control
New Shape Fins Design to Improve the Heating Effects of 27%
Maintenance-Free Operation - It Is not Necessary to Replace Oil for Entire Lifetime of Radiator
Silent Operation - Also Suitable for Bedrooms
4 Travel Wheels and Handle for Easy Handling
Practical Storage Space for Winding up Power Cord
Patented Technology of Tail Fin Separation Prevents Overheating
Safety Overvoltage Fuse
Overheating Protection
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца