Прахосмукачка с торба SENCOR SVC 52GR-EUE3

Цена: 99.99лв.
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    24 месеца
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Прахосмукачка с торба SENCOR SVC 52GR-EUE3
Прахосмукачка с торба SENCOR
700W high Efficiency ECO Motor
Energy consumption class: A
Carpet cleaning performance: E
Hard floor cleaning performance: A
Dust re-emission class: D
Low noise level: 76 dB(A)
Stainless steel telescopic tube
Thermostat preventing the motor from overheating
5 level filtration system
Parking position for floor nozzle
Length of power cord 5m (effective radius 7.5m)
Rubber coated wheels for easier movement and protection of floating floors
Supplied accessories: combination nozzle
(brush + slot), paper bag
Volume of dust bag: 1.5l
Dimensions (length × width × height): 345 × 255 × 210mm
Weight: 3.6kg
  • Гаранция:
    24 месеца